We believe Released Time Bible education is the best way to restore hope to public school childrenHere’s why:

  • Released Time Bible education programs reach the most kids where they are (and by law, have to be) most of the time.
  • Bible classes teach right from wrong, love and limits, personal responsibility
  • When programming is provided during the school day, there is no inconvenience to parents or requirement to adjust their schedules —
    children are simply released from a portion of their regular school day to attend.
  • Releasing children to attend Bible classes in churches gets them familiar with church, a friendly and fun place to be.

As children grow older, they may be more likely to return to church one day, as the seeds of faith planted during Released Time Bible studies take root and grow.

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Our nation’s public school students face threats to their well-being - and even lives - at school, at home, from without and within, in numbers and severity that astonish. According to the most recent statistics from The Children’s Defense Fund, each day in America:..
4 children are killed by abuse or neglect. – every 5 and a half hours
6 children or teens commit suicide – every 4 ½ hours
690 babies are born to teen mothers – every minute and a half
1,903 children are confirmed as abused or neglected – every 47 seconds
2,857 high school students drop out. – every 9 seconds
3,617 children are arrested
Every 3 and a half minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense
Every 8 minutes a child is arrested
for a violent offense
12,816 public school students are suspended.
- every 2 seconds
As part of the national Released Time movement, working alongside School Ministries, Inc., our focus is on Ohio Released Time, even as we collaborate with colleagues in nearby states. We think of our mission as removing institutional and cultural obstacles to Released Time programming -- “clearing the fields” as pioneers once did -- to help the planters sow the seeds, as we trust God for a bountiful harvest! Specifically, we...
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