If you’re new to released time, this conference is for you. If you’re a seasoned teacher, administrator, volunteer, or prayer warrior, we invite you to bring your knowledge, skills and experiences to share! Do you have a heart to see public school students learn about God’s love for them and to be forever changed? This conference is for YOU! Experienced leaders will discuss starting a released time program, teaching tips, best practices, curriculum that meets the mark and more! [Register now through April 1 to take advantage of the early registration discount!]

We exist to reach public school students and their communities for Christ by:

  • Equipping local leaders to successfully propose and offer “released time” Bible classes for public school students
  • Educating about constitutional and legal requirements for permissible religious programming
  • Encouraging Christians to work together as the body of Christ

This year’s conference guarantees to be an experience that does just that! We’re excited to welcome insightful Christian education speakers and experienced released time session leaders who will give you new ideas for your program, will help spark creativity, and will answer your questions. Here are three reasons you don’t want to miss this great opportunity!

  1. Fresh ideas from Christian educators and fellow teachers: Sometimes we can get so focused on our ministry or project that we begin to lose sight of the big picture. It can be so helpful to our own creativity and program viability, as we pursue a long obedience in the same direction, to gain fresh insights from leaders and fellow missionaries. This year’s conference is full of unique ideas and strategies that will inspire you and make your program stronger!
  2. Tips for starting a thriving new released time program: Many folks who attend our conferences and workshops are dipping their toes into the released time water for the first time — and there’s much to learn! We want to help streamline this process for you. To ensure you’re taking the right steps, we encourage you to join us and learn from our speakers, session leaders and also find out how we can come alongside you to ensure success in launching classes in your school district. Bring your questions and a notebook — we’ll provide answers and practical tools to help you fulfill this special calling.
  3. Fellowship with other released time folks who “get it”: Released time Bible education is a unique ministry with special opportunities and challenges. This is a safe space to share, listen and learn, but also to have FUN(!) with other missionaries who understand this special calling. Seasoned laborers, teachers, organizers and new folks who are wanting to learn more all come together in fellowship — a true breath of fresh air. One particular fellowship time will be dinner and entertainment at Grace Church Friday night. Join with released time friends old and new from Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania for great conversation and encouragement.

We desire to come alongside you, the laborers in the field called to bring word of God’s love and love of God’s Word to public school students. We are grateful to Him for raising up faithful servants like you who share this heartbeat! We pray that the 2017 Released Time Conference will be a revitalizing time for you — one that equips, educates and encourages you for your mission to children and young adults in your local school district. Register here for the conference at Grace Church in Wooster, and don’t forget to reserve your room (by April 1!) at the Hampton Inn for Friday night. Please be sure to let us know you’re planning on coming to Friday’s fellowship dinner by marking that on the registration form, or emailing Jenni Miller at jmiller@wecareforstudents.org.
Source: WECARE