Jenni Miller has been the Director of School Ministries Ohio (formerly WeCARE for Students, Inc.) since its incorporation in 2007. Her duties as director include networking with local Released Time groups in Ohio and nearby, working to educate lawmakers and promoting Released Time to communities and organizations throughout the state and area. She also serves with School Ministries, Inc., to help strengthen the Released Time Bible education movement nationally.

A Call to Serve

At the very beginning of Upper Sandusky’s 2002 school year, a parent questioned the legality of the Released Time Bible education program that had served the students of the community since 1957. Found to have been operating illegally, the longstanding program was shut down in one week’s time.

Jenni was asked and led to spearhead the effort to reinstate the program. She and a group of dedicated volunteers prayed, researched Released Time rules, circulated petitions and formulated a proposal to the school board. Six months later, the school board unanimously approved the revamped version of the program. Since then, the local program has nearly doubled the number of students served, expanding from two grades in two districts to a total of 14 grade levels in three districts. 

Through learning how a local Released Time program can operate and grow in Wyandot County,, Jenni was convicted of the need to engage in a statewide effort to promote and protect legal Ohio Released Time groups. So, in late 2007, she founded WeCARE for Students, and has been blessed to work with a skilled and dedicated board of directors. WeCARE for Students, now School Ministries Ohio, became a member of the national Released Time organization School Ministries, Inc., in 2008, where Jenni has joyfully served as Ohio Director since then. Together, these organizations provide assistance and advice to many communities that want to see the blessing of God-centered instruction for their public school students.

Executive Director Jenni Miller’s interview with Bob Burney Live! on WRFD-Salem Radio Network ( on November 25, 2019.