“Do not neglect your gift, which was given to you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you. Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress” (1 Timothy 4:14-15).

As we serve as the Body of Christ in the released time mission field, we have great comfort that we are family, and family takes care of its own. Jesus modeled multiplication to us and that is our main focus in released time — to start more programs to share the Good News with more public school youth.

God has gifted each released time teacher, leader and organizer in a very specific way, to reach the children He has called them to for His glory. He has also shown us, through the example of Paul and Timothy, that we are to give away what we’ve been given — to come alongside those who also feel called to released time ministry and help them grow and to start more programs.

The discovery that over half of Ohio’s districts possess a released time policy (click here to read the story) is a major opportunity… We must come together to share God’s Truth with more public school youth, especially in these districts where there are policies but no released time programs.

How can you be part of this mission-minded multiplication and sharing of gifts?

  1. Who’s your Timothy? Do you recognize leadership qualities or gifts in others around you that may lend themselves to released time ministry? If so, call those out and encourage that person to prayerfully consider joining the ministry in your area. Come alongside that person to equip and send them forth.
  2. What’s your gift? Do you or someone on your released time leadership team have a particular skill or gift that could be an asset to a younger teacher, organizer or new program core group?
  3. How can you help? Think more broadly than your RT program — is there a district in your county or region that has a policy in place for released time, a “green light,” but no organization to offer classes? Pray about how God might use you to raise up this new ministry. Remember, your gifts are meant to give away, and more students need to hear the Truth.

Released time, as we know, is an extraordinary tool used by ordinary people to bring God’s hope, love and Truth to public school students of all ages. We have the privilege to join God in this work — how can you leverage your gifts to help more programs start, or help more programs thrive?