Giving to Released Time


In addition to hosting Released Time, churches have a wonderful opportunity to support the mission work of public school students learning of God’s love and God’s Word through Released Time Bible education.

Are you a church leader? Make reaching the next generation through local and state Released Time part of your missions budget. Think of Released Time teachers and programs as indigenous missionaries already called and in place to do this unique work — reaching kids in their community for Christ. This is not yet another program for any one church to own; this is an already established community offering that is expanding the Kingdom of God, and potentially, your church. Monthly gifts help sustain the ministry, and larger annual gifts help the program plan for future growth.

Are you a local church member? Talk with your church leaders about this unique mission field and ask for their support.

  1. Meet: Set up a meeting to talk to them about your Released Time mission work in the community.
  2. Tour: Invite them to come with you for a scheduled visit your community’s Released Time program, to see up close how God is transforming hearts and lives. Welcome your church leader in the Released Time class, sharing who they are and where they serve. Create a personal, engaging experience. Follow the time with a handwritten note and an ask for consideration of the church supporting your Released Time program with funds from its missions budget.
  3. Speak: If a class visit isn’t an option, then ask your leaders for a few minutes on a Sunday morning to share from the front about this unique mission opportunity. Invite your congregation to talk to you for more on reaching the next generation for Christ. Have a small pamphlet or one-sheet with more information and how they can reach you to talk about volunteering or donating.

If you’d like to talk more about the Released Time/church partnership and its unique nuances, or how to go about asking your church for funds, contact us, we’d be happy to give you some helpful advice. Visit our fundraising page for more ideas.


Some churches catch the vision for growing God’s Kingdom even beyond their own community. Would yours like to support School Ministries Ohio as we help start and maintain Released Time Bible programs throughout our state? Plus, as a state office of School Ministries, we help other states start their statewide programs and pursue legislation, where needed. So support for Released Time at this level has an impact on potentially hundreds and even thousands of American students and their families.

Our hope is that churches would be moved to offer regular, sustained support – pledged for periodic (monthly or quarterly) donations. Would your church be interested in partnering with us in this wider mission? Contact us for more information.

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