Grow Released Time: Free Resources
We’ve compiled some helpful resources for you, all free of charge, to grow Released Time Bible Education (“RTBE”) into new communities, and to strengthen or expand it in yours.
Documents & Guides

Our hope is that you would use these to share the story of Released Time – inviting others to bring it to their community. Please download and access these (either forwarding by email or making copies to distribute) for you and your ministry friends and colleagues to spread the word.

Released Time Bible Education FAQ

School Ministries Ohio FAQ has all the main questions answered, for the next time you have a meeting with fellow Christians just getting to know about RTBE, and getting to know how School Ministries Ohio can help them offer Bible classes.

School Ministries Ohio
Info Sheet

A brief overview of our ministry, this one-sheet is a simple way to learn and share more about RTBE and the mission and support that School Ministries Ohio provides for Christians wanting to bring word of God’s love and love of God’s Word to their public school students.

Map of Ohio Released Time Policies by County

This helpful map is color-coded to give you an idea of the prevalence of Released Time policies among Ohio’s 88 counties.

Public Schools and Religious Communities — A First Amendment Guide

Published jointly by the American Jewish Congress, Christian Legal Society and First Amendment Center, Freedom Forum Institute’s “Public Schools and Religious Communities — A First Amendment Guide” has a section on Released Time Religious Education that your group may find helpful to share with those who question the legality and the faith community’s broad acceptance level of Released Time.

Effective Sept. 11, 2014, the Ohio Released Time Law for Religious Instruction paved the way for expansion of RT policies and the opportunity for high school students to earn elective credit for Released Time instruction. Knowing the law can help you expand RTBE into nearby districts and offer programming for your area’s high school students

E3 Videos: Educate, Equip & Encourage

We’ve created a series of videos to Educate, Equip and Encourage leaders to do Released Time with excellence. Please watch and share with your group’s other leaders and volunteers! 

Our executive director, Jenni Miller, shares 2 ways for you to be encouraged in this season, with Facebook & Fellowship

In this video, Jenni Miller shares about a robust resource with tools and templates to equip you and your program to better serve your students and community.

In this E3 Series video, Jenni Miller gives great advice on how to cultivate community support for your Released Time Bible Education program.