How Can you Ensure your RT Program is the Best it Can Be?

Next to prayer, we believe nothing can help released time organizations more than being a member of School Ministries. A reasonable annual investment enables your board and teachers to access a wealth of information to become a member of School Ministries — the national organization working to bring more released time classes to more states. The organization is also a wealth of can’t-miss resources for released time organizations that can make the difference in the long-term success of your efforts.

You don’t have to take our word for it, read on for what a few School Ministries Ohio members had to say about how this membership has given them the tools they needed to start their programs, keep them functioning effectively and become equipped for the unique mission field of released time Bible education! If you’d like more info on joining School Ministries, visit their website.

As part of a new Released Time Bible Education Program, we have found the assistance of School Ministries to be invaluable and a real blessing. As we began developing Titan Christian Education, we constantly had questions. We were able to go to School Ministries and get ideas, suggestions, policy information, forms and answers to our numerous questions. In preparing to talk to school administrators and community leaders, we found the national research conducted by School Ministries concerning the benefits for students to be very powerful. Being part of School Ministries let’s us know that we aren’t alone in our effort to impact the lives of children.

If you have never been a member of School Ministries, you are missing a whole new world of information at your fingertips. School Ministries not only provides lots of information, research and legal updates, but offers works shops to facilitate teacher and staff growth. Knowing that School Ministries is available for advice concerning legal issues and to inform us of changes in the law is also extremely important to us in this day and age where a simple mistake could completely shut down our program. I truly believe that being a member of School Ministries impacts our program and lays a solid foundation for us to build upon to be strong and effective in our mission in the public schools for the glory of God.

Carla R. Lendrum, Titan Christian Education – Wooster, Ohio

Becoming a School Ministries member for our program was an essential part of the process for beginning our new program. That was the very first order of business for our board. We knew that SMI offered the various forms needed to start. I made copies of the sample articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies and long and short term goals then bound them into a booklet and gave to each board member. We each had those copies to look over during our meetings but also on own so that we were all informed about what we needed to do for each step. Being a member of SMI gives us the confidence to know that we are setting up our program in the best way possible with the best information possible.

Cindy Rainsberger, Nehemiah Released Time Religious Education – Sugarcreek, Ohio

We wanted to be sure that we were doing everything absolutely correctly, both for legal purposes and to be sure we had the maximum impact for our students. We valued the resources available to us through the web pages, seminars and just general counsel we received — it was well worth the investment! Plus the opportunity to share with what other programs found helpful really blessed our efforts as well. We believe that membership in this organization is a must, and I personally advise it to every group that I work with beginning released time programs. The students are too precious for us to NOT take advantage of every good opportunity and program that is available to us… I highly recommend affiliating with School Ministries.

Pastor Bud Olszewski, RittmanCARES – Rittman, Ohio

Source: WECARE