God has been doing a great thing in our state. Of 612 school districts in Ohio, at least 341 have Released Time policies of one type or another in place: – more than half. And of those 341, 152 (45%) were adopted after the 9/11/14 effective date of Ohio’s Released Time for Religious Instruction law.

Put another way, 82 of 88 counties (93%) have at least one school district with a Released Time policy in place. In several of those counties, every district has a Released Time policy. 

That is the good news.

Even better, the Good News can come to students in those communities whose districts have policies. Their Christian churches and leaders can begin Bible classes for the public school students. They just don’t know it. Yet.

So… we need to pray. And spread the word. And work together as never before to let them know, and teach them how – so more children can come to hear of God’s love for them.

This mission is bigger than any one person or organization. It will require each of us to participate in some key way. All of us working in Released Time Bible Education have been blessed of God to labor in these fields. Now we need to translate how we have been blessed into how we can bless others: consider how He has gifted us through our work with RTBE – our accumulation of experience, expertise, relationships; the desire and capacity to pray, provide support, and encouragement.

The doors are open. The need is urgent. The time is now. What will be your role?