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Fundraising for many is mysterious as a riddle. So, to start thinking about how to raise funds for your program, consider this one: What has 500 legs, many great hearts and makes an incredibly joyful noise?

Answer: the 250+ generous souls who attended, gave gifts of time and treasure, prayed and sang at last November’s first-ever local-state cooperative fundraiser for Ohio’s RTBE. WeCARE for Students partnered with local released time organization WyandotCARES to present “How Great Thou Art: An Evening of Mission and Music”. (For photos of this lively event, click here to view our Flickr album.)

Throughout the program, God’s greatness and faithfulness to RTBE was evident, as WyandotCARES students sang “The New Testament Song” and added sign language to “That’s the Gospel!” Speaker after speaker told of how the Lord is working in and through RTBE both locally and statewide. People gave cheerfully and generously, that WyandotCARES may continue to thrive and WeCARE for Students can help more and more Ohio communities start, maintain and grow legal RTBE programs.

If your program would like to partner with WeCARE for Students to raise funds and visibility for Released Time Bible Education in your area, contact Jenni Miller: the generous donors who provided a match gift to kick off this initial fundraiser have offered to supply a match gift to kick off your program’s fundraiser with WeCARE! We also have information, ideas and answers to help you plan a successful event tailored to the strengths and interests of your community.

Fundraising need be a mystery no more!