New Program Checklist

New Program Checklist
If you believe the Lord is leading you to start a Released Time Bible education program in your community, following is a list of recommended steps to get you headed in the right direction:
  • 1Pray individually

to thank God for His providence for Released Time, to reach young people for the Lord, and seek God’s will for your role in bringing RTBE classes to your area.

  • 2Pass along this website and resources

to Christians in your community you know to have a heart for public school students, requesting that they check out our national counterpart, School Ministries’ website, and watch the brief video on the home page explaining RTBE and its benefits.  

Examine the available resources as well (click on each for a summary of the document and the audience it is intended to reach), and be sure to visit us both on Facebook: &

  • 3Start a prayer group

inviting devoted prayer warriors from as many area churches as possible. Provide them with essential information and get them praying for the Holy Spirit to bring the right individuals to the effort to obtain approval for Released Time from school authorities. Pray God would go ahead into the hearts and minds of school personnel. Pray for your community’s public school students and their families, and for all public school administrators, teachers and staff.

  • 4Prayerfully consider where you want to start.

Are you being led to offer classes at the elementary, middle school or high school level (for credit)? Begin with a one-building pilot program? Or district-wide?

  • 5Visit Released Time classes!

Contact us to connect you with an established Released Time Bible program so you can see classes in action for the age group(s) you’re considering serving.

  • 6Do your due diligence in garnering support.

Consider who in your community, as well as which organizations, could join your support team, whether as volunteers, prayer warriors, board members or financial supporters. Endorsements from prominent local church or parachurch organizations, as well as from respected business leaders, can lend credibility. Who’s in your court?

  • 7Invite us to come

to your church or meeting place to address more people interested in Ohio Released Time, answer questions, etc. This can happen more than once, if need be. School Ministries Ohio can also train you and/or others to hold a series of meetings, and provide you with a basic presentation toolkit.

Time is always of the essence. Thorough preparation is key to cooperating with school districts. Know that you are in our prayers –- already have been.

First Steps Kit

Looking for more resources on how to start a Released Time program in your district? Be sure to order and review The First Steps Kit from School Ministries’ product offerings, designed to put information about Released Time into the hands of potential leaders. The items found in the pack are helpful in answering basic Released Time questions, introducing ways to plan your program, providing information about legal requirements, and describing how the program brings hope and transformed lives to young people.

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