Ohio Released Time

School Ministries Ohio has been blessed with a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge working with new and established Released Time groups around Ohio. More than 8,500 students of virtually all grades currently take Ohio Released Time classes. High school students may earn academic credit, thanks to Ohio’s recent Released Time for Religious Instruction law.


Research has shown that more than half of Ohio’s school districts have approved and adopted some form of religious instruction policy. Yet Released Time classes are actually available to students in fewer than 30 districts. That means nearly 90% of school districts having policies are just waiting for their communities to organize and offer Bible classes. We thank God for this opportunity to bring many more students hope. Does your school district have a Released Time policy already in place?


Check your school district’s website, a key step in how to start a Released Time program. Look to see if there is a policy for Released Time. If it is not online, call us to discuss how best to proceed. We can point you toward invaluable resources to help you understand the process, including best practices and potential pitfalls. Does your district lack a policy? Contact us at any point. We can speak to your group, help you think through each step, and share a recommended model school board policy when the timing is right.

Youngstown City Schools recently began offering Released Time
-- the first major metropolitan district in the state to do so! Public school teachers and administrators have seen positive changes in students taking the Bible classes, and RTBE across Ohio continues to grow!

Looking for more resources on how to start a Released Time program in your district? Be sure to order and review The First Steps Kit from School Ministries’ product offerings, designed to put information about Released Time into the hands of potential leaders. The items found in the pack are helpful in answering basic Released Time questions, introducing ways to plan your program, providing information about legal requirements, and describing how the program brings hope and transformed lives to young people.

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