What is Released Time Bible Education?

A Released Time Bible education class is offered to public school students with written parental permission to be “released” from the regular school day to voluntarily attend privately-funded Bible classes held off school grounds. Classes are conducted by experienced Bible teachers and generally held once weekly at the elementary and middle school levels. High school classes are taught by instructors with appropriate qualifications (most often, licensure, though district school boards have authority to determine the necessary level of credentialing).

Weekday religious education classes are not only academic, but devotional in nature: students can pray, study and learn Scripture, sing worship songs and explore today’s issues and challenges from a Biblical perspective. Other faiths may also host Released Time classes.

Would you like to learn more about starting a Released Time program in your area? Contact us and we can help you find a nearby Released Time class to visit. We can answer your questions and even schedule a presentation to your group, free of charge.

According to School Ministries, our national partner, since the very first Released Time Bible class was held in 1914, millions of students from kindergarten through high school have participated. Currently it is estimated that over 350,000 students participate, across America. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Released Time, when done in accordance with settled Released Time principles, as protected by the Constitution of the United States.

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