Released Time Curriculum

Weekday religious education classes may teach the Bible, and are not required to teach all religions. Each Released Time organization selects the curriculum for its classes, based on the ages and needs of its students.

As you know, every child is in a different place on their spiritual journey. There may be students who have never heard of Jesus and His love for them. Some may not be familiar with the Bible at all. At the same time, other students may have more of an awareness of Christianity and church. Take some time to get to know who your students are, what their church exposure has been, and give thought to the type of curriculum that could help take them to the next level of their faith, whether it be an introduction or continuation.

School Ministries, our national counterpart, has an outstanding tool to for its members to assess curriculum you are considering for students of your community. We’d be happy to walk you through this assessment process — please contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities and talk about your community’s needs.

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