Released Time for High School

Released time Bible education classes are not just for young students! If you’re wondering about starting a high school program, but doubt students will go for it due to needing specific credit-worthy courses, worry no more! Ohio’s high school students can earn elective credit through Released Time classes.

Thanks to House Bill 171, Ohio’s recent Released Time for Religious Instruction law, high school students can earn academic credit for weekday religious education classes. The Act was passed by the Ohio General Assembly with strong bipartisan support and signed into law by Gov. John Kasich in 2014. Our director Jennifer Miller worked to educate lawmakers, including the lead sponsors: retired Rep. Jeff McClain (R-87) and Rep. Bill Patmon (D-10), now a School Ministries Ohio board member.

Gov. Kasich signs HB 171, “Released Time Policy and Credit Act” into law — June 12, 2014

If you’d like more information on starting a high school program, contact us — we’d be happy to talk with you! We can even connect you to a thriving Ohio Released Time high school program leader who can share more about the details and best practices.

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