Released Time Resources

We believe Released Time Bible education is the best way to reach public school children for Christ — bringing word of God’s love and love of God’s Word. We encourage you to peruse our website, especially our Free ResourcesFAQ, raising supportcurriculum and other helpful pages.

Once your Released Time Bible education program is started, we invite you to take advantage of opportunities we offer for training and networking events with other Released Time providers around the state and nation. We hope to be your most trusted resource when it comes to Ohio Released Time Bible education. Please contact us at any time to talk about your questions and program needs.

  • The national organization, School Ministries, Inc., has a wealth of helpful information and tools you may like to check out; becoming a member for one annual fee (unchanged since 2001,) gives you and your team, access to a wealth of tutorials, white papers, and instructional seminars.
  • Additionally, visiting could shed some more light on this national mission to reach America’s next generation for Jesus and help you pray for Released Time Bible programs and laws in other states.